May 16, 2021

 After a thirty year career as a college administrator, I was invited to serve local churches as a preaching lay pastor. For the next fourteen years, I shared a meditation with my congregations nearly every week. Those sermons were later posted in a blog titled Contemporary Parables which is still followed by readers all over the world.  More recently, I edited the Parables and taped them for a local radio station as one minute inspirational messages. In 2019, those radio Parables were published in both Kindle and paper back books, and both versions are now available on for $5.95. Contemporary Parables in all formats are intended to be a blessing and a source of strength, courage and inspiration. Let it be so.  Bruce Westerdahl

February 27, 2021


Contemporary Parables is now available as a Kindle book. If you have the Kindle app, you will be able to access the book. The blog will continue to be available but no new parables will be added in the near future.

Many thanks for your dedication to my blog which was initiated in 2009. It was later available on our local radio station WFLR.  Bruce Westerdahl