January 1, 2016

Those Who Mourn Will Be Comforted

Recently, our church choir rehearsed a song titled Blessed by Pamela Stewart and Brad Nix. The first line of this meaningful hymn is: 
“Blessed are the broken hearts, betrayed by pain and loss.”
Those words reminded me of friends who mourn the loss of someone dear to them, and I wondered, “How are my friends blessed?”

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that those who mourn “will be comforted.”

Many biblical scholars maintain that Jesus was referring to those who grieve because of their sins. I agree with others who believe Jesus was speaking about anyone who mourns for whatever reason.

The second line of the song Blessed is, 
“I was once forsaken and alone upon a cross.”
Jesus knew how it feels to be abandoned and deserted. His closest companions during his ministry disowned him, and even God allowed him, in his humanity, to experience the sense of abandonment and isolation that humans feel when loved ones leave us.

But in the end, Jesus was not abandoned, and the cross on which he died became a symbol, not of death, but of eternal life.

I believe those who mourn will be blessed and will find peace if they will only believe in the promises of the Savior.