December 1, 2015

Jesus and a Flock of Canada Geese

Each fall and spring Canada Geese fly low over our house near Keuka Lake in Upstate New York. In the fall they fly south to Georgia and and Florida, and in the spring they fly back to Canada.

Recently, we watched a large flock of geese flying south when a few birds broke off and headed southwest. Then another small group left the main flock and headed east. Finally, one more small flock broke away and flew north.

By the time they passed out of view, what was one large flock of Canada Geese became four smaller groups flying in four different directions. Each group of snowbirds thought their leader knew best how to get to their winter habitat

Christians are taught to follow Jesus, trusting always in his message of love, compassion and forgiveness. But Satan, who Peter says is always nearby ready to devour us like a roaring lion, relentlessly tempts us to follow a different path.

Bolstered by our own arrogance and self pride, we strike out on our own, and the love, compassion and peace we knew as followers of Christ turns to discontent, envy, hate and self pity.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life.” But beware! Satan is a powerful adversary who is unwavering in his quest to guide us in another direction.