November 5, 2015

God's Prompt

I served under Dr. G Wayne Glick when I was the Director of Admission at Franklin and Marshall College, and he was the Dean. When Wayne was called to be the President of Keuka College in Upstate New York, I served under him again as the Director of Communication and later, the Director of Admission.

Wayne Glick was a man of deep faith who prior to his career in college administration taught History of Religion and other courses on Theology. Wayne was also an exceptional teacher, administrator and public speaker.

Wayne loved baseball, and at one time, he was the baseball coach at Bridgewater College in Virginia. He was a Chicago Cubs fan since 1931, and like most Cubs fans, he never gave up on his team which hasn’t won a World Series since 1908. Wayne died on October 27, shortly after the Cubs lost the National League Championship to the New York Mets. I believe he hung on to life to see how far the Cubs would go.

When the Cubs were winning, I thought about calling Wayne to tell him how pleased I was for him. I didn’t. Then when the Cubs lost, I thought about calling him to express my condolences.  I didn’t. The next time I thought of Wayne it was when I was told that he had died.

In his book, The Ten Second Rule, Clare De Graaf suggests that when we are nudged by God to perform a kind deed, we should act on his prompt immediately before other voices begin to suggest all the reasons for delay.

I removed my “Ten Second Rule bracelet” sometime ago. Because of my missed opportunity to speak to an old friend and colleague, I am wearing it again.