November 6, 2014

The True Self

Nancy and I have a granddaughter who is expecting her first child in early December, and we are enjoying following our great-grandson’s growth and development since he was the size of a pea.

Recently, I wondered if our new great-grandson has a soul yet. Most people of faith believe our soul leaves our mortal body when we die, but when does it enter our body?

My research suggests there are many answers to that question including that ensoulment happens at conception, forty to 120 days after conception, when an embryo moves, at birth, at  age fourteen or the first time a child says, “Amen!”

I believe that this spark of divine creation which is the purest part of ourselves enters our bodies sometime between conception and birth. And during that miraculous time when mother and child are bonding, our eternal identity is created. It is our True Self and what makes us genuinely unique.  It is also our link to where we came from.

Furthermore, I believe that during our lifetime, if we discover that link to our Creator which is available in Jesus Christ, it can lead to the peace and security which is always present in our True Self.
"If you really know me, you will know my Father as well."
                                                                    John 14:7