September 4, 2014

Following Jesus

After a delicious seafood lunch at a restaurant in the port town of Beaufort, North Carolina, Nancy and I sat by the docks where the fishing boats come and go.

Nearby, two fishermen were cleaning their day’s catch of blues, flounder and mullet. As we observed this scene, a third man approached the fishermen 

“Can I help you?” said one of the fishermen. The stranger smiled and said, “Pete and Andy, come with me. I’ve been looking for you. I have an important job for you to do.”

The fishermen obviously didn’t know the stranger, so we were stunned when they washed their hands, put their knives away and walked off with him.

Perhaps this familiar Bible story in a 21st Century setting will help the reader  appreciate what a courageous and bold act it was for Peter and Andrew to walk into an uncertain future as Jesus’ disciples.

It still takes courage to follow Jesus. Discipleship requires a desire to do the will of God and belief that Jesus is the Messiah.

What is the will of God? The 8th Century prophet Micah answered that question with this simple statement: “And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”