September 24, 2014

Evidence of God’s Presence

The legend of the Cherokee Indian youth’s rite of passage tells of a boy who is blindfolded by his father and left alone overnight in the forest. The lad sits on a stump all night and is told not to remove the blindfold until the sun rises.  

The boy is terrified by the night sounds, but the only way he can be considered a man is to sit without showing fear or distress. When morning comes, the youth removes his blindfold and discovers that his father is sitting nearby prepared to protect him from all harm.

The story of the Rite of Passage suggests that like the Cherokee father, God may not be seen, but that doesn’t mean He is not present.

Recently, I had an echocardiogram, and as I watched on the monitor and heard the sound of my heart pumping, I marveled at the evidence of a Creator within me. My embryo was only three weeks old and smaller than a bean when my heart spontaneously began to beat and circulate the blood within me.

Evidence of God’s presence is there for everyone to feel in a human heart which begins beating spontaneously when an embryo is even smaller than a bean and only three weeks old. I estimate this perfect pump in my eighty-three year old body has been beating more that 3 trillion times nourishing and cleaning the 100 trillion cells within me.

The miraculous human heart, inspired by our Creator, is more than sufficient evidence of the existence of God.