August 22, 2014


Many years ago when I was a college admissions officer, our staff considered an application from a prospective student whose credentials suggested he could not be successful at our institution. We voted to reject him.

For some reason, the student’s file ended up in the wrong place, and he received a letter offering him admission to our college which he accepted.

Obviously, the student had a virtue we did not recognize, because four years later he graduated!

In many cases, success in college is determined by a student’s resolve, tenacity and commitment, characteristics which cannot be measured by tests.

Perseverance often defines how successful we are in any human endeavor. God has endowed each of us with varying abilities, but we are never limited in the desire and effort to accomplish our goals in whatever we choose to do.

As a wise wrestling coach told me a long time ago, “The determination to win is the better part of winning.”