August 8, 2014

Not Yet, Not Yet

At the end of the movie Gladiator, the murdered body of the hero Maximus is carried from the Roman Colosseum. In the last scene, the General’s friend, Juba says goodbye to his fellow Gladiator with these words, “Now we are free. I will see you again. But not yet, not yet.”

“Not yet, not yet.” Many of us think or speak that phrase often. We have a fleeting thought of visiting a friend who is a shut-in, but we’re involved in a good book at the moment and we think, “Not yet, not yet.”

We recognize it’s not healthy to carry those extra pounds, and we know we ought to begin exercising and dieting, but “Not yet, not yet.”

We have held a grudge far too long, but the person who offended us isn’t suffering. We are. We know we should forgive him, but, “Not yet, not yet.”

Something within us tells us we should find a church where there will be others who can help us bear our burdens, a congregation where people reach out in a spirit of love to the hungry, the poor and the homeless, but “Not yet, not yet.”

We are confident we should do many things we aren’t doing, but we delay because we are weak or we lack motivation.  But St. Paul said:  “God didn’t give us a spirit that is timid but one that is powerful, loving, and self-controlled.” 

Some will call on that God-given power to act!  Others will say, “Not yet, not yet.”