July 9, 2014

God Sent Me

One of my favorite stories is about a college philosophy professor who announced to his class, “There is no God.” To prove his declaration, he said. “If there is a God, let him strike me down here as I stand.”

The room was hushed for the next ten minutes as the professor defiantly stood believing that he had nothing to fear.

Then a former Army Ranger with four tours in Afghanistan rose from the back of the class, walked up to the professor and with one blow knocked him to the floor. As he looked down at the pathetic figure on the floor, the former Ranger said, “God was busy. He sent me!”

On the shores of the Sea of Galilee, the Risen Christ  asked Peter three times if the disciple loved him, and each time, when Peter reaffirmed his love, Jesus instructed his supporter and advocate to, “feed my sheep.” 

Books are written that define ministry, but no definition of service is clearer than Jesus’ command to Peter, and through Peter to each one of us.

We all have different talents and experiences, but each one of us is an instrument in the hands of God, and we are all called to be his strong arm in a world of needs

“Feed his sheep.”