June 9, 2014

Remembering Friends

Nancy and I are returning to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania this week to celebrate our 65th reunion with the members of the Class of 1949 at Gettysburg High School. It is a time to reminisce and remember fondly the days of our youth.

As I looked over the list of deceased classmates, I could not help but reflect on how they touched our lives.  We learned with them. We competed with them. We sang with them. We danced with them. We cheered with them. We laughed with them.

They were our best friends and confidants. They shared our joys, our thrills and our successes. They came to our aid when we were lost and confused.

They touched our lives in so many ways, and they helped to make our high school experience memorable and fulfilling. They will remain forever joy entries in our memory banks.

During our Reunion, we will formally remember the ties which bind us to our classmates as we participate in a Ritual of Remembrance which begins with this invocation adapted from Gates of Prayer, a Reformed Judaism Prayerbook:
Gracious God of all Comfort, we remember now our dear classmates who fought the good fight, kept the faith and have gone on ahead of us.
The Ritual will conclude with this promise:
As long as we live, we will remember them, and in remembering, they too shall live.