May 22, 2014

Seven Wonders of the World

A teacher asked his students to prepare a list of what each one thought were the current Seven Wonders of the World. Most students listed famous landmarks like the Great Pyramids or the Great Wall of China. 

One student, thinking outside the box, created a list the teacher never expected.  Here is the student’s list in italics followed by my list of examples of “wonders:”  
To see . . . a baby walk for the first time
To hear . . . a song that reminds me of falling in love
To touch . . . the heart of a loved one  
To taste . . . a simple dish that reminds me of my youth
To feel . . . an emotion that makes me cry
To laugh . . . at a Carol Burnett comedy sketch
To love . . .  life, my family and my Savior
Simple and ordinary things in our lives are rarely considered “wonders,” yet each one contributes to the joy of living. 

What are the “wonders” in your life that give you joy?