May 31, 2014

Now There Are Eight Wonders

In a recent Parable, I wrote about a teacher who asked his students to prepare a list of what they considered the Seven Wonders of the World. 

One creative student prepared a list which was quite unexpected and included the following: to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to feel, to laugh, to love. Using the student’s list, I created examples of what I consider to be “wonders” of my world.

Several family members wrote to me after I posted the Parable with their own list of “wonders.” Here are eight of their contributions with their examples:
  1. To Sleep: On a featherbed and dream
  2. To Wake: To a thrush’s song
  3. To Smell: The aroma of cinnamon buns baking 
  4. To Relive: A happy moment with a loved on
  5. To Watch: The changing flame of a camp fire
  6. To Breath: Salt air on an ocean beach
  7. To Believe: In giving with no expectations of reward
  8. To Trust: In the goodness of God

As with the original list, these commonplace, uncomplicated emotions and experiences are the “wonders” that fill our lives with happy moments.

May your life be filled with such wonders!