April 25, 2014

Was Jesus Simply a Good Man?

If the story of Jesus had ended with his resurrection, there would not be two billion Christians in the world today. If Jesus’ life, death and resurrection was going to impact the world, it had to be told by others who believed he was God Incarnate.

That responsibility fell to a rag tag band of uneducated, unrefined, sometimes crude, selfish and boastful men who lacked eloquence and leadership. 

But these were the men who, filled only with the Holy Spirit, preached from Asia Minor to Rome that Jesus was the Son of God and those who had seen him had seen the Father.

People then and people today reject the claim that Jesus was God Incarnate. They believe Jesus was simply a good man and a great moral teacher. 

That position is flawed, for you cannot believe Jesus was an honorable man and also reject his claim of equality with God. Honorable men don’t lie. And the disciples were not scorned, persecuted and executed for a liar and a fraud. 

Before the cross, Jesus asked Peter, “But who do you say I am?” And Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” That’s what the disciples believed. May God grant us the strength and courage to believe that today.