April 18, 2014

The Power of the Resurrection

My favorite sermon imagines a committee charged with the responsibility of selecting those men who will be Jesus’ disciples. The meditation also supposes the candidates are those men who actually walked with Jesus.

After reviewing a description of each candidate, the committee ultimately decides that none is qualified to be a disciple. They are all too impulsive, cautious, pessimistic, rough, unpredictable, quick tempered or crude.

So what changed this diverse group of unworthy individuals into a force that would change the world?  It wasn’t Jesus’ words or the miracles they observed during the three and a half years they walked with him. After his death on the cross they were ready to pack it in and go home.

It was the Power of the Resurrection, an act so momentous the disciples devoted the rest of their lives and even went to their death passionately preaching the good news that the Risen Christ calls us for repentance and brings forgiveness.  

Just as the disciples were changed by Jesus’ resurrection, we are also changed when we recognize and accept the good news of the Risen Christ

May he shape each one of us according to his will.