March 5, 2014

Imagination and Hope

In his newest book, The Four Doors, Richard Paul Evans writes about “The Cage of Paradigm” which the best selling author defines as the inability or reluctance to consider anything but the traditional way of doing something.

Evans suggests that innovations in every walk of life are the result of someone with imagination and initiative who escapes the “Cage of Paradigm.”

In his book Road to Grace Evans also writes “the success of our lives is more determined by our imagination than our circumstances.”

Unfortunately, the “Cage of Paradigm” has the power to hold captive those who  have lost hope, believing their current condition cannot be changed. But with imagination, hope and optimism escape is a possibility.

Clarissa Schilstra, a student at Duke University and a former cancer patient, made this observation about imagination and hope : “When there was no hope, I used my imagination to create it.” Fueled by hope, Clarissa is a survivor.

Numerous medical devices provide the analytical information doctors use to evaluate a patient’s condition. There is no way to measure someone’s level of imagination, hope and heart.