March 27, 2014

Beyond the Cross

On a Sunday in Lent 2014, the men in the Bluff Point United Methodist Church choir sang one of my favorite Easter songs. This is the chorus:
Beyond the cross is a tomb that is empty.You won’t find me there any more, and beyond the tomb is life everlasting and hope forevermore.
The cross is a sign of our faith and a sign of Christ himself. When we are burdened by guilt and seek forgiveness for our sins, the cross is where we are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. 

Just a few steps from Golgotha, where the Savior suffered and died for our sins, is an empty tomb. It is there that we are reminded of the Risen Christ and given new energy and strength to meet the pressures and stresses of our lives. It is there that our faith is restored and renewed and we are re-energized. It is at the empty tomb that we find hope.  

The empty tomb reminds us of the power of God who is the source of our strength, our courage and our confidence. This Easter celebrate the victory of the empty tomb