January 14, 2014

Listening to God

In the Old Testament book of Genesis, God tells his faithful servant, Noah, that he is angry because his people have become violent, evil and corrupt. 

God plans to destroy the people of the earth with an apocalyptic flood, but he
gives Noah instructions for building an ark which will provide a safe haven for him and his family.

God has never spoken to me as he did to Noah, but I am absolutely certain he has often nudged me to visit a shut in or send a card to a friend who is living alone. And I know God has inspired me when I have been discouraged and guided me when I have been tempted to stray from his path.

Most people of faith take time to thank God for blessings or ask him for favors, but how many of us ever listen to God when he prompts us to bring hope to the despairing, strength to the weak and love to the neglected. 

In the Gospel of John, the risen Jesus asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Each time when Peter acknowledges his love, Jesus says,  “Feed my sheep.” 

When God prompts us to “feed his sheep,” may we always respond in a spirit of love with kindness, consideration and compassion.