October 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty and Creativity

I often check the non-fiction, new book shelves at the Penn Yan Library, and almost every time I do, I find something I enjoy reading. My current discovery is Happy, Happy, Happy, My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander.

The book is written by Phil Robertson, the creator of the popular “Duck Commander,” a tool hunters use to emulate the sound of a duck. The stunning success from Robertson’s creative mind ultimately led to the Duck Dynasty Reality TV show which rapidly became the number one, non-fiction series in cable TV history. The show, a cultural phenomenon, is about Robertson’s family, faith and fame which he lists in that order.

I am so impressed with people who use their God-given aptitudes, talents and skills, as well as their common sense and experience to be creators. God calls us to use our minds and creative abilities to solve problems wherever we find them ___ at work, at home, or like Robertson, in a duck call.

When someone uses his or her creative talent and experience to glorify the Creator, the result can be inspiring. That is why I have become a fan of Sam  Robson. a multi-track YouTube performer whose nine-part a cappella rendition of How Great Thou Art is unlike anything I have ever seen or heard. I urge you to take a minute to watch this phenomenal performance by a very talented young man.