September 2, 2013

Family, Faith and Morality

When I was a child under ten, living in Newark, New Jersey, I got into a fight with a neighbor boy my age.  I don’t remember where I hit him, but it must have been a pretty good wallop, because he went home crying.

Shortly after, my mother called me into the house and asked if I had a fight with our neighbor. When I lied and said I didn’t, the door to an adjoining room opened and the boy I hit and his mother appeared having heard my lie. I don’t remember how I was punished, but I’m certain I was.

Long before we set foot in church, many of us were taught right from wrong from mom and dad, sometimes with painful consequences.    

Dr. W Frank Harrington, former Pastor of the Peachtree Church in Atlanta, Georgia said this about family:
“Family is the place where children learn about honesty, truth, responsibility, right and wrong, about God, how we relate in love to the other members of the family, to our siblings and to our parents and grandparents.”
Dr Harrington also added that “The most natural way to come to faith is to grow up in a family of faith.”

In addition, I believe the most natural way for children to learn about character and morality is to grow up in a family where those concepts are practiced.