August 5, 2013

Thus Saith the Lord

In July of 2013, members of the Bluff Point United Methodist Church visited the Sight and Sound Theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to witness the biblical epic, Noah. In this Old Testament story, God speaks at length to Noah, describing in great detail the ark he must build before a great flood destroys every living thing. 

Carolyn Ruth Chapman posted an article on the internet where she records the number of times God spoke in an audible voice to people in the Old Testament. According to Chapman, there are 898 occasions when God spoke aloud to prophets and others. 

The audible voice of God may not shepherd us as it once did, but Scriptures and the Holy Spirit guide us now, and most people of faith will get a spiritual nudge when they recognize opportunities for acts of love. 

In his book, The 10-Second Rule, Clare De Graaf suggests we have just 10 seconds to respond to a prompt from God. After that, we begin to think of all the reasons we are reluctant, or too busy to do a service for someone who may need or appreciate our help.

How will you respond the next time God tugs at your heart?