August 12, 2013

The Devil's Workshop

Satan called a meeting of his fallen angels to ask for suggestions for demoralizing and discouraging people of faith.
“Tell them there is no God,” proposed the first fallen angel. 
“That will never work,” said Beelzebub.” All Christians know there is a God.”  
A second fallen angel suggested: “Tell those Christians that because they are evil, God will never accept them.” 
“No good,” said the Prince of Darkness impatiently. “They know they can go to God regardless of their sins. Jesus paid the price for their evil deeds.” 
A third fallen angel proposed, “Tell them there is a God, and they may approach the Father regardless of their sins, but also tell them they have plenty of time to go to him. There is no rush!” 
“Brilliant!” said Lucifer. “Now go forth and spread the word there is no hurry to follow Jesus' lessons and commands, especially that one about loving their neighbors.”
Clare De Graaf, author of The Ten-Second Rule, suggests when God prompts us to demonstrate our love for others, we have ten seconds to act before Satan and his fallen angels do their best to dissuade us by convincing us there is no need to hurry.

The next time God tugs at your heart, the clock will begin to tick. Then what will you decide?