July 27, 2013

No Laughing in Church

One Sunday morning, a two year old boy was standing on a church pew facing the congregation when something he saw made him giggle. His mother turned the boy around and made him sit down saying, “Stop it! There’s no laughing in church!”

Perhaps it’s time people start laughing in church, for according to Familyfacts.org, since 1970, those who attend religious services several times a year or weekly decreased by 29 and 26 percent, respectively.

On a website titled About.com Christianity, readers tell why they don’t attend church. Here’s a sample:

  • I don’t go because those people think they’re better than me.
  • As a single gay man I find that churches are not very welcoming.
  • One church asked me not to come back if I couldn’t wear a dress.
  • The pastors elevate those who sing the best and give the most.
  • I gave up because of politics, cliques, ostracizing and misuse of money.
  • Nobody ever notices if I’m there or not.

How sad that people give up worshipping with a congregation of believers when there are churches and synagogs where people are inspired, laugh, pray for those who need healing, welcome all visitors and feed the Lord’s sheep as Jesus commanded.

Nancy and I found a church like that:  Bluff Point United Methodist Church

You can too!