July 7, 2013

Acting on God’s Prompt

 In the 1990s, many Christians wore a wristband featuring the letters WWJD which represented the question, “What Would Jesus Do?” The phrase was a reminder that when faced with a moral problem, or the opportunity to help someone in need, the wearer should ask, “What does Jesus tell me I should do?”

If there are prophets in the twenty-first century to whom God speaks directly, I am not aware of them, but I do believe when faced with a moral dilemma or an opportunity to help someone in need, most believers do get a Spiritual nudge. 

In his new book, The 10-Second Rule, Clare De Graaf suggests that when we are nudged, we should act on God’s prompt immediately before other voices begin to suggest all the reasons we should not submit to his will.

De Graaf admits The 10-Second Rule is intended to give us practice for what he calls, “Entry-level obedience.” He refers to it as “a clever memory device to help us tweak our obedience skills.”
The Ten-Second Rule is best reserved for resisting every temptation and for acting on Godlike impressions to be kind, encouraging and generous.”
In the movie, Full Metal Jacket, a weary combat veteran tells an enthusiastic replacement who can’t wait to get into the war, “You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” The Ten-Second Rule encourages us to be attentive to the voice of God, and to “walk the walk” when he nudges our heart.

Many thanks to DR Gary Schwantz who introduced me to The Ten-Second Rule.