June 3, 2013

What Motivates You?

A seminary professor asked her students to write a sermon, and when the assignment was completed, one of the class members received a D for his effort. A note on the document indicated the message was creative, but the title lacked appeal.

The student was given twenty-four hours to come up with a better title. The professor said, “imagine a bus load of people have stopped in front of your church, and when they see the sermon title on the bulletin board, what will motivate them to get off the bus and run into your church?”

The student’s grade was changed when he offered his new title which read, “There’s a bomb on your bus.”

Fear, ambition, money, pride, revenge and the thrill of competition may motivate some people at one time or another, but, friends, I suggest the greatest motivator of all is love.

Author Joe Vitle says, “People will scale mountains with luggage on their backs, swim upstream in a hurricane and battle armies and all odds to fulfill that hard-wired emotion in us to love and be loved. Love rules.”

It is certain that love rules in Christian living, and those who love the Lord reach out to minister, support and sustain others in need, all in a spirit of service and a desire to make a difference.

What is it that motivates you?