June 6, 2013

Happily Married for Sixty Years

Most family members and many friends know that Nancy and I had a first date in 1947 when we were juniors at Gettysburg High School. Nancy invited me to go with her to a party, and according to her diary, I said, "Sure."  

Nancy's 1948 diary suggests limited interaction between us until February 27 at the Teen Canteen in Gettysburg. We danced together three times that evening, until Nancy prepared to leave with friends. Before she disappeared, I asked her to dance again, and on that Enchanted Evening, I fell in love with the woman I would marry five years later.  

Here are just a few reasons our sixty year marriage has succeeded. We are:
  • Polite - Courteous, never sarcastic, never rude; 
  • Sincere -  Candid and truthful, no silent treatment ever; 
  • Considerate - Respectful of each other’s needs; 
  • Patient - Accepting each other’s habits and idiosyncrasies;
  • Compatible - Well suited, love the same activities; 
  • Forgiving - Always prepared to forgive and forget; 
  • Spiritual - Devoted to our church and our God;
  • Committed - Forever faithful to each other.
When Nancy and I exchanged our high school graduation pictures in 1949, she wrote on hers, "I'm always happiest when I am with you." That simple emotion is so meaningful, because it expresses what we both still feel about being together.

A line from a song called After All These Years, may best describe our love today. You can listen to the entire song on the link below the phrase:

      "You’re still the only one, I'll ever hold near,
        And I still love you after all these years."