April 2, 2013

His Will Be Done

On December 14, 2012 at 9:30 in the morning, evil visited Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and when the shooting stopped, a severely deranged Adam Lanza had murdered twenty innocent children and six adults.

A nation watched in horror as the scope of the tragedy was revealed, and within minutes, people began to ask “Why? Why does God allow such tragedies? Is this the will of God?”

No answer to such questions is adequate. Certainly, God has a will, but he chose from the beginning not to interfere with ours. Without free will, there is no real love. 

I remember a doll we gave our daughter when she was little. When she said, “I love you,”  the doll repeated the words back to her. Did the doll really love our daughter? Of course not. It was an automated response.Without free will, we would be just like the doll.

In order for us to experience perfect love, God has given us the ability to make a choice. Unfortunately, some people choose evil.

The good news is that if you believe in the promises of Scripture, love ultimately triumphs over evil, and “things beyond our seeing, things beyond our hearing, things beyond our imagining” have all been prepared for those who love God. (1Corinthians: 9).