January 18, 2013

A Prayer Shawl Ministry

The most recent Parable, Starlight Within Us, began with the first line of a song children learn in church camp: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” That phrase introduced the fact that we are all made of stardust.

The lyrics are also about letting your talents and enthusiasm for your faith show in your personality and your actions. People of faith show their love and depth of commitment in many ways including their gifts of time, energy and service.

One of the most creative and unique ways for demonstrating faith in action is through the Prayer Shawl Ministries. At the Bluff Point United Methodist Church that Nancy and I attend, shawls are made of soft washable yarn and are crocheted by our members.  Once completed, a shawl is presented to our congregation in behalf of someone who is in need of comfort and support for any one of many reasons. The possibilities are endless. 

At a Sunday morning worship service, our pastor, Judy White, offers a prayer for the recipient, then each member present, while holding the shawl, also prays silently for the person needing encouragement and strength. Ultimately, the shawl is given to the person in need.  

While the comforting shawl is symbolic of the presence and unconditional love of God, it is also a beautiful representation of the Church at large. People of faith come from many races and ethnic backgrounds  with various ways for worshipping. But we are all stitched together in one loving shawl that covers the world and represents our faith and trust in a Divine Creator.