December 4, 2012

Losing Christmas Traditions

Year after year, the Christmas traditions we observed in the past are disappearing.

Until recently, the tree we decorated in December with lights, colored balls and candy canes was called a Christmas Tree. Today,  it is often referred to as a Holiday Tree.

School Christmas Concerts are now Winter Concerts and the programs no longer include carols. Look for cards with Nativity scenes in your stationery store, and you will find very few.

Clerks in stores and people greeting each other on the street now typically say, “Happy Holidays” instead of the “Merry Christmas” we used to hear.

Some people are angry about the loss of our Christmas traditions. They believe it is the result of an attack on Christianity by those who have no faith. More likely, it is a reflection of the fact that this nation has become a multicultural society represented by many religions and many traditions in addition to Christianity.

I lament the loss of the Christian traditions I experienced all of my life, but I will not allow that passing to lessen for me the joyful message of Christmas that God sent us a Savior who revealed to us that if you welcome Him into your heart, love and life will triumph over hate and death.

The Politically Correct may call it a Winter Holiday, but as long as people celebrate the birth of Christ, there will always be a Christmas.