November 27, 2012

Accepting a Christmas Gift

A father and son had an argument over a piece of valuable property. The land was in the father's will to be passed on to the son, but the boy wanted it immediately.

When the father resisted the demands, the son broke off the relationship. He rarely came home, and when he did, he ignored his father.

Then one Christmas, the boy’s mother convinced him to come home for the Holiday. On Christmas Eve the boy opened all his presents except the one from his father. The next day when the son left, the gift remained behind.

What the lad didn’t know was that his father’s gift was the deed to the desired property.

Many of us make the same mistake. Two thousand years ago, we were given a gift of love straight from the heart of God that we can accept gratefully or leave lying under the tree. 

Life can be hard, and we may have so many burdens it's difficult to cope. But God's precious gift can give us the strength and confidence to confront any and all our trials. Receive it joyfully.