September 27, 2012

Say “No” to Politics as Usual

Here we are again at ringside watching as candidates for the highest elective office in the land slug it out, making numerous promises for what they will do if elected. Unfortunately, nothing is so certain in politics as a short memory, and candidates in both parties are guilty of many broken promises once elected.

Perhaps it’s time____ no, I’m certain it’s time to size up our candidates for public office on something other than promises they don’t mean and will never keep. It is time to scrutinize politicians the same way we judge everyone else in our society.

The fact is, we have a double standard. We trust those with whom we do business to be honest and fair and to sell us a product worthy of our investment. When we are disappointed, we simply stop shopping where that trust has been violated. But we excuse our candidates for public office who lie to us, because, well, “it’s just politics as usual.”

I suggest we allow our politicians’ promises to go in one ear and out the other, and instead, when choosing a candidate, let us consider those ethical standards and moral values we learned from our parents and in our churches, synagogues and temples: 
Regard for the truth; Reverence for human life; Forgiveness; A sense of stewardship; Pride in our religious heritage; Courtesy, kindness and consideration for others.