September 5, 2012

Is Church Really Boring?

A 2011 study of reasons people don’t go to church reveals the number one objection is, “It’s boring!"

Certainly, the story of Jesus life, death and resurrection as described in the Scriptures is not boring. It is awe inspiring, dramatic and encouraging.  And for most churchgoers, the music of the church isn’t dull. It’s uplifting and stimulating.

I admit that over the years I have attended worship services where the sermon has put me to sleep.  Reminds me of the man who went to church and slept soundly during the sermon. When he greeted the pastor after church, he said, “Thank you, for your message, Pastor. I woke up refreshed."

Some people think church folks aren’t friendly, and Nancy and I have visited churches where no one spoke to us.  But we also visited a church in St. Croix where we were asked to remain in our pew while everyone in the church came to shake our hands while singing a welcoming song.

If you don't attend church because you think the message will put you to sleep and people aren't friendly, know this:

There are churches where the congregation will greet you enthusiastically.
There are churches where the stories of Jesus will inspire you.  
There are churches where the sermons will challenge and stimulate you. 
There are churches where you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.
There are churches where your doubts will be turned to faith.           
There are churches where your pride will be turned to humility, and . . .
There are churches where you will find forgiveness through Christ Jesus.

Our Bluff Point United Methodist Church is like that. You can find one too.