July 20, 2012

Remaking Yourself

 In October of 2009, an early Parable asked this question:
“If you could take yourself apart like a giant Leggo construction, what character flaws would you leave out when you put yourself back together?”
Arrogance, vanity, jealousy, lust, greed, indifference, anger and bitterness are pollutants of the soul that thoughtful people would obviously eliminate during reconstruction.

But suppose you had an opportunity to add three personal characteristics that were previously missing, what would you include?

One choice for me would be self restraint. At one time, I thought my tombstone should read, “He did nothing in moderation."

My second option would be political tolerance. As I begin my eighth decade of life, I find myself increasingly narrow minded when considering political views and affairs of state.

My third choice for a personal characteristic that has been missing throughout my life is patience. Unfortunately, if I had to wait in line to add patience to my new personality, I might just say “forget it."

Among those characteristics I would certainly put back during reassembly would be my enduring love and appreciation for my family and my firm and unwavering faith in my Lord Jesus Christ.