June 1, 2012

Our Sixty-Four Year Love Affair

On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Nancy and I celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary.  We began going steady in 1948, so we have been in love for 64 years. Here are a few simple observations about how our loving relationship has survived for so long.

First, we communicate freely.  That means our relationship is built on candor and frankness offered in a spirit of love and respect. We have always tried our best to be good listeners, but while we are frank, Nancy has always accepted me for who I am, and I have accepted her in the same way. We have never tried to change one another.  Expecting to change someone after marriage is a scenario for certain failure.

Though we have always tried to meet one another’s expectations, there were times when each of us was a disappointment.  When that happened, we were always quick to forget and forgive.

We compliment one another often, and we have always been polite. We are courteous and respectful, and we never use sarcasm or make snide remarks.

The famous basketball coach, John Wooden, said, “They do not love who do not show their love,” and after 64 years, we still hug, hold hands and kiss often. My favorite is a kiss on the back of Nancy’s neck every day.

Finally, it is an undeniable fact that married couples who regularly worship their God have happier and longer marriages, and Nancy and I have attended church faithfully ever since we began dating.

On her high school graduation photo which she gave to me, Nancy wrote, “I am always happiest when I am with you,” and after 64 years, we are “still happiest when we are with each other.”