September 8, 2011

Comments on a Call to Worship

The following is the first line of our Call to Worship during a Sunday morning church service not long ago:

“Almighty God, when you formed us lovingly out of the dust of the earth, you breathed into us the breath of life and gave us work and purpose for living.”

The phrase prompted me to remember articles I have read about creation and the conflict among those who believe Darwin’s theory of evolution, those who support the idea of intelligent design (ID) or those who espouse some form of creationism.

Darwinians think all species of organisms developed through their inherited abilities to survive and reproduce. Scientists have gathered fossils for about a quarter of a million different species, and not one specimen has been found that proves the complexity of biological structures occurred through mutations over time.

Proponents of ID think the diversity and complexity of life is best explained by an intelligent cause, not natural selection; however, they do not conclude the “intelligent cause” is God. They describe themselves as agnostics.

Finally, creationists believe an omnipotent God gave birth to all life, especially as the story appears in the first chapter of Genesis.

I am not a scholar or a scientist, but I am a person of faith, and I believe the delicate beauty of a columbine or the immensity and bulk of a great blue whale are not merely accidental structures that in some inexplicable manner and without purpose or direction from some creative power just happen to come together.

As for me, I believe the wonder and majesty of our natural world and the heavens above point to a deliberate Designer who not only created us and the world in which we live, but sustains it as well.

Needless to say, I responded to the Call to Worship with conviction.