February 22, 2011

Infinity and Outer Space

You don’t have to be a scientist or philosopher to be fascinated by infinity. I suspect most of us have looked up to the stars on a clear night and wondered how the universe can go on forever, if in fact, it does.

Recently, I borrowed a book on infinity from our local library, and after struggling to understand the first two pages without success, I promptly returned it. Unfortunately, the author focused on the concept of infinity as it relates to mathematics which was not my strong suit in high school or college,

What intrigues me is the apparent infinity of space, and after reading on-line about the big bang theory, time warps, string theories, and the fourth dimension, I am convinced there are an infinite number of theories on the subject of infinity.

I will continue to search for an explanation of what may lie beyond the stars, but for now, I freely admit that the infinity of space is simply . . . incomprehensible.

There are people who believe the existence of a Creator God is also impossible to understand. They believe the delicate beauty of a Columbine or the power and bulk of a Blue Whale are merely accidental structures that in some inexplicable manner and without purpose or direction from some creative power just happen to come together.

As for me, I believe the wonder and majesty of our natural world and the heavens above point to a deliberate Designer who not only created us and the world in which we live, but sustains it as well.