August 30, 2010

A Brush with Death

On Saturday, August 14, Nancy and I were driving south through Kinston, North Carolina to join family members for a vacation on Emerald Isle. It’s a trip we have made twenty times or more without incident, but on this occasion, things were different.

Distracted for just a moment, I drove through a red light, and as a result, we were hit by another car on the driver’s side. The impact totaled the car, but we walked away without help from others. Nancy was badly bruised by her seat belt, and I lost some hearing in my left ear where the side air bag hit me.

Fortunately, the adults in the other car were not hurt, and there were no children who might have been injured in the accident.

I can’t say for certain that if the circumstances were just a little different, Nancy and I might have been severely injured or even killed, but a possible brush with death like the one we survived makes you think about your mortality. And the question that comes to my mind as a result of our accident is just this: Was I prepared to die at the corner of Queen Street and Vernon Avenue in Kinston, North Carolina on August 14, 2010?

In her book, God Never Blinks, author Regina Brett quotes priest Father Zubricky who suggests that when your life is over, God will have only one question for us. “Did you love?”

I have had a lot of time since the accident to reflect on my answer to that question, and I know now that my truthful response would be, “Yes, I have loved. . . . . .but I have not loved enough.”

God has given me another opportunity to prepare for the day when I will be asked, “Did you love?” Next time, I hope I can respond without adding a . . . “but.”

“A new command I give you. Love one another . As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34