June 4, 2010

A Sixty-Two Year Love Affair

It was October 24, 1947 when a high school junior who turned “sweet sixteen” the previous March asked a boy in her class to a party. According to an entry in her diary that evening, she had a “swell” time.

A few days later, they dated again, but during the next six months the boy is only mentioned occasionally in the diary, and they were never together as a couple.

Then on February 17, 1948, the seventeen year old boy and girl danced with each other three times at the local teen canteen. The diary entry that night read:

“The last time we danced together I was just getting ready to go. I even had my coat on. He held me real close and kept his lips on my forehead the whole time.”

Something happened that night to the boy and girl. The spark that was created on their dates six months earlier burst into flame, and on April 17, they dated for the third time. From that night on, they were going steady, dating throughout high school and college until, on May 30, 1953, they stood before a congregation of relatives and friends and pledged their love for all time.

Last month, Nancy and I, who first dated in October of 1947, celebrated fifty-seven years of marriage and sixty-two years of being in love.

Among the factors we credit for our long and loving relationship is our commitment to our church and to our faith. God has blessed and strengthened our marriage, and we give thanks to Him for both our physical health and the spiritual nourishment we received through our years together.