May 18, 2010

Pollution Stains the Planet and the Heart

Recently, we have been kept well informed of the status of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The latest reports on the disaster suggest that a dense layer of oil 10 miles long, 3 miles wide, and 300 feet thick may enter the Gulf Stream and could eventually work it’s way up the Atlantic Coast.

That news reminded me of a visit to the Florida coast in 1990 when Nancy and I went to the beach, spread our blanket on the sand, and it landed on a pile of black oily glop. Before we left the beach, we were scraping oil deposits off our feet and our shoes, and rubbing both with lighter fluid when we returned to the home where we were staying.

In the first chapter of Genesis, we read that God created the earth and all that is in it, and when he finished he saw that “it was good.” Well it was good, but through the ages, we and our ancestors have killed it, burned it, covered it with garbage and abused it to the point that one day we may become the endangered species.

As we work together to cleanse and purify the planet as we must, it is important to remember there is another kind of pollution ___ the kind that stains and contaminates our hearts. Arrogance, vanity, anger, bitterness, jealousy, lust, greed and indifference will kill the love in our hearts just as pollution of God’s natural world can kill your heirs and mine.

Jesus said, ”Blessed are the pure at heart, for they shall see God.” May we all be blessed.