April 8, 2010

Hannah's Fall

On Easter Sunday, Nancy and I spent the afternoon with our son, Doug, our daughter-in-law, Holly, and other family members and friends including our two great granddaughters, Hannah (4) and Haylee (1).

In addition to Easter baskets and traditional gifts, Grandpa Doug and Holly gave Hannah a new bicycle with training wheels.

Hannah’s first ride was tentative, but it didn’t take long before she was peddling up and down Doug and Holly’s long driveway with ease. Then she fell. But instead of running to her Mommy or her Daddy for solace, she declared, “Grandpa, when you fall down . . . you get back up really soon.”

Currently, over 3,000 books on “How to Be Successful” are available from Amazon.com, and undoubtedly, most will contain a chapter or more on the importance of persistence and determination if we are to succeed in any endeavor. Most books will include stories about people like Thomas Edison who failed many times during a period of thirteen months to find a filament to use in a carbon incandescent lamp.

Hannah Loughner, age four, already recognizes that failure doesn’t need to mark the end of any venture. Getting back up and trying again may put you just one step closer to success.

Sometimes, a child can say in a few simple words what adults write about in books.