February 12, 2010

The Watchmaker Story

A recent Hallmark TV show focused on an atheistic science teacher who rejected a student’s proposal to write a research paper proving the existence of God. The teacher said belief in God isn’t science.

Later, the student spoke to the director of the local planetarium who told her the story of The Watchmaker created in 1802 by English theologian William Paley. Many years ago, I heard this variation of the story.

Imagine you place in a secure safe a variety of metals, springs, wheels, cogs and paints, and you are the only person with the combination. When you open the safe again, the materials have disappeared and in their place is a beautiful watch with the correct time.

Common sense will not permit you to believe the watch made itself from the materials you placed in the safe. Someone or something created the watch.

The planetarium director suggested the perfection of the universe is far more complex than the workings of a watch. And like the watch that appeared in the safe, common sense suggests someone or something created it.

When I observe the colors of a monarch butterfly, the intricate design of a columbine flower or the perfection of the universe, I cannot believe these miracles of nature happened by chance or natural selection. I can believe, and I do believe the Hand of a Creator was involved.