December 30, 2009

Where Has Everyone Gone?

Time has passed since Jesus was born. The wise men have traveled on. The shepherds have returned to their sheep, and the cattle are grazing in a meadow outside Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus are alone.

And Joseph wonders, “Where has everybody gone?”

Most Christian Churches are filled with worshippers on Christmas Eve, but at Sunday morning services after Christmas, ministers and those in attendance must wonder, “Where has everybody gone?”

There are approximately 235 million Americans who consider themselves Christians, but less than forty percent attend church regularly. Pollsters suggest the actual percent is probably less, because many people answer questionnaires according to what they think they should be doing rather than what they are doing.

If you haven’t attended a worship service recently, I invite you to acknowledge God’s presence in your life this Sunday. 

Each one of us needs to be reminded often of God’s love in a culture that increasingly ignores God, and your faith will be strengthened and enhanced when you worship with others.

Next Sunday, will you take a break from work and self interests to concentrate on the Lord?  Will you “remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy?”