December 2, 2009

Taking Christ Seriously

Taking Christ Seriously

During World War II, an American airman was shot down near an island in the South Pacific known for its  cannibals. He made his way to land, crept into the bushes and hid, fearful for his life, but the natives found him, treated his injuries and nursed him back to health.

When the airman recovered, he spoke with the chief on the island who told him there had not been a murder in his life time. There was no jail, no poverty,  no drunkenness, no divorce, no brothels and no disease. There was one doctor, and he spent his time fishing.

When the airman asked the chief how he accounted for this wonderful state of affairs, he looked reproachfully at his guest and said:

“You ought to know. Your ancestors sent us missionaries.  

  We are Christians and we take Christ seriously.”

People have tried to find peace in science, politics, education, government and law, but nothing we have done in these and other fields of human endeavor has given us the satisfaction we seek.

Friends, isn’t it time we, in this frightened, selfish, materialistic world, take Christ seriously?

Blessings from Gpa Westerdahl