November 6, 2009

Have You Changed?

There is an old story that tells how Satan summoned his top aides to plan a strategy against those who worshipped Jesus. As the Satanical pep talk concluded, the Angel of Darkness made this emotional speech:

“Now get out there and lie, steal and cheat. Do anything to stop these Christians from winning the lost. But be careful. If those Christians ever start to act like they talk, all Heaven will break loose!”

An estimate 123 million people attend church in the United States every Sunday, but I wonder how many of us are changed? How many hear God’s word and act on it?

Some people think that it’s only what we don’t do that identifies us as Christians. . . don’t gamble, don’t swear, don’t lie, don’t steal, etc. 

But Jesus was action oriented as well. He was a doer and a healer who spoke often about what is required of those who choose to follow Him:

Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Bless those who curse you.”

Follow me.”

Love your enemies.”

Go in peace.”

The next time you hear a sermon consider these words from the first chapter of James who wrote,  “Be doers of the word, and not merely hearers.”  

Blessings from Gpa Westerdahl