October 26, 2009

Taking Yourself Apart

I recently heard stand-up comedian Jeanne Roberts say to her audience, “I have looked each one of you in the eyes at least once, and some of you need to make changes or I won’t look your way again.”  Then she added, “You need to take yourself apart and leave some pieces out when you put yourself back together.”

Apparently, some people in her audience didn’t think her jokes were funny.

Jeanne Roberts raises an intriguing question.  If we could take ourselves apart like a giant Leggo construction, what would we leave out when we put ourselves back together?

Among the personality traits I would leave out would be the tendancy to talk too much and listen too poorly. And surely, I would omit my tendency to feel sorry for myself when my life doesn’t go exactly the way I hoped or planned. 

As with most things we don’t appreciate about ourselves, these character flaws can be fixed, and admitting them is the first step in changing. I think I just did that.

Among the characteristics I would be certain to leave in when I put myself back together would be my enduring love and appreciation for my family and my firm and unwavering belief and faith in my Lord Jesus Christ.

What would you leave out? What would you leave in?