October 17, 2009

Pollution of the Heart

In Genesis, we read that God created the world and when he was done, he saw that it was good. Well, it was good, but we and generations of our ancestors have selfishly changed that. Through the ages, we have killed , burned, ravaged, abused and contaminated our lands, our waters and our air.

But there is another kind of contamination that few people other than clergy speak about.  That is pollution in our hearts.

A church congregation was looking for a new minister, and one of the requirements was that the candidates have a Ph.D..  

After nearly thirty years in higher education, I am convinced there is not an absolute correlation between degrees earned and the quality of teaching. And I wonder what the members of the pulpit committee would say if they realized their requirement would exclude the Reverend Billy Graham from consideration.

Arrogance and vanity, as well as  jealousy, lust, greed, indifference, anger or bitterness are pollutants of another kind that can affect the lives of each one of us.

Let us never forget they can kill the love in our hearts just as pollution in God’s natural world can kill your heirs and mine.

Blessings from Gp Westerdahl