August 23, 2009

When Faced with Adversity, Be Creative

Many years ago, when I was in college, I was an assistant chef at a summer church camp. Early one morning, the chef asked me to prepare the batter to make two dozen chocolate cakes for dessert that evening. 

Through carelessness or inexperience, I added twice as much water as the recipe required. The final product in no way resembled batter, but thanks to the creative mind and experience of the master chef, we served the watered down cake mixture for hot chocolate.   

Today, there are sixty year old ex campers telling their grandchildren they never had hot chocolate as good as we served that morning. 

Making a positive from a negative happens all the time at more profound levels. For example, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers was founded by a grieving mother  following the tragic loss of her daughter at the hands of a drunk driver.  

And the national network to help locate missing children was also founded in a similar manner.  

The next time you are faced with adversity, don’t complain about how life is treating you unfairly. Instead, use your God given capacity for for enthusiasm and creativity and say to yourself, “Here’s another opportunity to create something positive.” 

Blessings from Gpa Westerdahl

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